Manifest Your Dreams Using These 3 Consistent Steps

Manifest your dreams

If you’re serious about manifesting your dreams and ready to align with them, in this post I will share the most effective steps on how to make that happen.

But first, let’s clarify something:

It takes more than following the exact actions someone else took to manifest your dreams. In fact, your behavior and actions merely reflect what is going on inside of you.

The most important factors that determine if someone will gain success are the persons’ habitual thinking and belief system about their capability and deservingness to manifest their desires.

If it would be so simple to achieve our biggest dreams, everyone would just take the necessary steps, just like following a recipe.

Manifesting that fancy house or that dream career, or a loving relationship requires you to shift some deep-seated assumptions you now perceive as truths (whether you’re aware of them or not).

Eliminate The Bug In The Software

See, we all have these inner voices in us that tell us we can’t, that we’re not talented enough or that life is too hard and things don’t come easy.

It’s like a bug that keeps interrupting the software from performing smoothly as it should. Instead, it slows it down at best or making it crush at worst.

Those who are struggling with manifesting abundance hear these negative whispers more often than others.

On the other hand, the successful and confident ones only witness these inner statements on rare occasions.

That’s why they continue manifesting pretty much anything they want while the average person faces difficulties when attempting to reach their long-lived dreams.

When this chatter in your head is the dominant one, what kind of behavior can stem out of this? It’s safe to assume you won’t take the kind of actions that will foster rapid manifestation.

Think about growing crops, for example. If you’re watering them sufficiently and providing them with healthy conditions, expect a successful harvest. But what do you imagine would be the outcome if you mainly provide it with toxins?

Do you want to turn your dreams into reality and attract anything you want? Stop focusing *only* on your behavior and start paying attention to what’s going on backstage.

Change your subconscious conditioning first. Then, your performance will alter on its own.

If you need some motivation, here are the best 3 ways to manifest your desires.

The Keys To Magical Manifestation

Strengthen your self-belief muscles

The highest achievers of all times had one thing in common — they all believed in themselves.

They had total faith in their capability to make their dreams come true. Therefore, they had no paralyzing fear of making mistakes on their way to the top.

Yeah sure, sometimes, like any other human, they experienced some self-doubts. But the hisses of insecurities were nothing but occasional slips.

Those who believe they can succeed see opportunities where others see obstacles. They ask the right questions such as “how can I make this work”, rather than “what if it fails”. They are focused on solutions and their goals.

When you believe you are able to transform your life, your entire outlook is results-oriented.

It’s one thing to wish to create the life of your dreams. And it’s a whole other thing to truly believe you can manifest it.

If you need a boost with strengthening your mental muscles, check out my empowering mind training tool. It is designed to help you trust that you can and will achieve your dreams. You ARE capable. You just don’t know it yet.

Start thinking in terms of “I deserve it”

When you tell yourself “I deserve to be rich”, or “I deserve to be loved” — do you actually believe yourself? If yes, that’s awesome, so you don’t need to read this tip.

But if you’re sensing a slight resistance that manifests as physical discomfort, then it’s an area you’d want to invest your time and energy to clear up.

If you don’t view yourself as valuable or worthy to experience wealth, peace, love, or joy, then even if you do somehow manage to manifest these things to your physical reality — you’d most likely end up losing it.

Here’s why:

If you manifest all of these things, it may cause you tremendous stress that you won’t be able to contain the presence of this abundance in your life.

The pressure build-up will become so strong and the fear of losing will take a real emotional toll on you until you’d do all the wrong things to keep all this goodness away.

So the “best” unconscious strategy to take is to not attract these things in the first place.

They’re actually declining their dreams of showing up and set a stop sign at the entrance gate.

The truth is, you are worthy. You are deserving, just as anyone else. You’re not less than. You’re not inferior.

All the junk patterns you carry are nothing but lies you kept telling yourself until they gained enough momentum to be a part of your personality, or identity.

Luckily, none of our conditioning is set in stone. We can take active steps to eliminate this way of thinking and replacing them with empowering thoughts that will get us closer to our dreams.

Expand your toolbox

In childhood, our caretakers were supposed to have our needs met so we could feel safe and strong enough to stand on our feet and handle whatever comes our way.

Unfortunately, for many of us, this ideal scenario did not happen.

A lot of us did not get our needs met, so we didn’t learn the right and effective tools to cope with life.

Instead, many seek the comfort of unhealthy resources that will provide them quick relief, but in the long run — it just keeps them in the circle of suffering and pain.

For example — they find alcohol to soothe heartbreak, food to comfort their grief, gambling to run away from past trauma and etc.

These instant escape routes will not only harm your chances of ever manifesting anything good, but they also make you weaker.

Just because no one ever taught you the right tools to tackle emotional pain and difficulties, doesn’t mean you can’t discover them and then keep practicing them.

The goal is to become that grounded, stable, resilient, person who is so rooted and strong that won’t let the simple things break him.

Ask yourself –

  • How do you deal with failures?
  • When you’re hurt by something, do you take the time to process your emotions?
  • What does it take for you to get angry in daily circumstances?
  • What do you do to stay calm, cool, and collected?
  • Do you react to situations uncontrollably or do you respond mindfully?
  • Do you dedicate 15–30 minutes of your day to spiritual self-care?

It’s time to take the time and increase your resources to handle challenges if you want to manifest great results.

Instead of looking for instant relief, what else can you do?

I commit to at least an hour daily to self-care practices. I meditate, read helpful books, do yoga, and drink herbal teas, experimenting with essential oils. But most importantly — I reprogram my mind to get rid of fears so I can manifest one dream after another.

I barely wasting my time watching stuff that doesn’t add any value to my life, like horror movies or reality TV that focuses on generating dramas and conflicts.

Instead, I make a conscious choice to watch funny content that makes me laugh and relaxes my nervous system, and helps me produce happy hormones.

Take Small Gradual Steps

Whatever it is you wish to manifest, don’t overwhelm yourself with scary tasks, and just do something small towards your goal each day.

Over time, you will notice that by cultivating commitment, it is possible for you to reach for your dreams.

Don’t beat yourself up if manifesting takes more time than you imagined.

No matter how long it takes, focus on your mission.

You might need to tweak your strategies along the way and that’s ok, it’s just a learning curve that can help you get better at what you do. And always remember to give your attention to what you intend to manifest rather than dwelling on current non-ideal conditions.