5 Simple Steps To Balance and Align Your Chakras

How to balance chakras

Would you like to know how to experience more ease in your life? Have a solid sense of self, be centered, grounded, connected with your spirituality, creativity, and packed with inner strength? Then it’s time you learn to balance your chakras.

As you may already know, the chakras in our body are the centers in which energy flows through them and nourish our physical cells and emotional and mental state.

Signs your chakras are off-balance

If one of the chakras is blocked or underactive, you may experience a whole list of symptoms that may seem random or not related to one another. Here are some of them:

  • You are often drained, rarely feel vital.

There are seven types of chakras, each located in different areas of the body. These seven chakras are related to seven different roles that contribute to your well-being.

Here they are from bottom to top: the root chakra, sacral chakra, solar plexus chakra, heart chakra, throat chakra, third eye chakra, the crown chakra.

Most people suffer from imbalances in the solar plexus chakra, which manifests as low confidence, shame, and self-worth issues.

How to balance your chakras on a daily basis

The ideal goal is to have a complete balance of all seven chakras so you can get to experience fulfillment, satisfaction, and actualization in your reality.

Each chakra is responsible for different aspects of your being, from feeling safe and secure to expressing your sexuality healthily and all the way to align with the divine and spiritual order of the Universe.

Align chakras
Align chakras

Also, each chakra is associated with its own color. The common advice out there to eat foods that are related to the chakras you want to open, but I personally find it ineffective. The same goes for wearing these colors or looking at them. To me, there are other, more effective ways to keep your chakras aligned.

At first, I thought that the idea of chakras or balancing them is a bunch of new-age hippie stuff, but that’s not the case. When I educated myself on the fundamental truth that we are all composed of energy, I got into the habit of bringing my chakras to balance and full activation of each one.

I mainly did it by using the first tip on the list I’ll share with you in a bit, but there are more ways to align the chakras and benefit from the results.

Let’s explore 5 simple steps you can take starting from today to balance your wonderful, natural energetic points inside your body, aka, the chakras.

Listen to specific chakra frequencies

My brainwave entrainment recordings contain Isochronic tones and Binaural beats tracks for balancing the chakras that are relevant for you. There are different chakra frequencies and each of them aligns and opens the chakras they’re associated with.

This method, also called sound therapy, is getting more and more the popularity it deserves.

I’m grateful that I got to discover it years back and create special recordings that millions of people get to benefit from. These unique frequencies sync with your brain which makes them super powerful and you can notice a shift in your feeling within minutes.

Earthing for chakra balancing

walk barefoot on the ground, sandy beach, or grass to nurture your body and soul with the healing powers Mother Nature can offer you for free.

Before the modern world, we used to live in nature, bathe in the cold river waters and charge our energy outdoors all the time. This need is still an inherent part of us and it’s important to acknowledge its importance and reconnect with it.

As you take off your shoes and touch with your feet on the ground, that will have an immediate effect on your chakras. You’ll notice that you’ll become more balanced, calm, relaxed, and collected when you practice this easy tip.

Relaxed body movement

this can be through tai chi, yoga, TRE (trauma releasing exercise), dancing, or any other form of movement that’s not too intense. Gentle and intentional physical movement helps stagnant energy flow with ease and also brings balance to underactive chakras without much effort.

Express yourself through creation

Engage in self-expression activities or hobbies like painting, graphic designing, singing, writing, debating, or anything that you’re good at. In addition, strengthen other skills you’d like to develop. For example, if you feel that you’re not sharing your opinion enough or standing for yourself, learn ways to improve your communication skills. Check out my recording for that here.

Deepen your sense of belonging

As social creatures, it’s a biological need of ours to belong, to participate, to contribute, and be a part of something. You can work on increasing your social circles by finding communities that share similar values to yours.

It could be finding a church or a synagogue, volunteer in a non-profit organization, or volunteer on fun activities such as summer festivals, your nearby ski resort, an assistant to a hot air balloon company, and more.

The goal here is to meet your fundamental needs for belonging and finding your tribes. This will also enable you to build and expand your personal identities so you’d feel more whole and complete.


Balancing the chakras is a simple self-maintenance process anyone can do starting from today. You don’t need to have years of experience in yogi or meditation retreats.

You are deserving of investing this time and energy in restoring your chakra function and welcome happiness into your life. The results of well-balanced chakras often translate into feeling centered, aligned, energized, self-assured, and secure.

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